Cátedra Jorge Montes 2019-UNIS Guatemala

Roberto Viola Ochoa participated in the Cátedra Jorge Montes 2019 along with Paola Scaramuzza and Cyril Zozor from Le Corbusier Foundation, architects Drago Vodanovic, Albert Tidy from Chile and architect Jorge Rigau from Puerto Rico.

The event, organized by 5th year students, consisted on a series of lectures and design workshops focusing on ways of thinking about architectural design.

Given the participation and sponsorship of Le Corbusier Foundation, the exercise proposed by Roberto Viola from iVY focused on the Heidi Weber Foundation in Zürich, perhaps one of the most relevant projects designed by the Swiss architect.

The pavilion represents a synthesis of all the ideas Le Corbusier had been studying over his decades of artistic production, and it is a true representation of the merging of industrial and artistic processes.

The charrette asked the students to imagine a hypothetical expansion of the pavilion to double in size with the only condition that the addition had to be accessed from the existing building.

There were four proposals with different approaches and responses to the question. At the end, the scheme named Le Shutè, won the mini competition with its original way of ‘snooping’ (therefore the name shute…..) at the pavilion.

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