Following Lewerentz's steps.......

A group of Comprehensive Studio from RWU students traveled to Malmö and Klippan with Roberto Viola Ochoa to experience the architecture and landscapes of Sigurd Lewerentz.

The studio is focusing on designing projects within the Malmö Eastern Cemetery, one of Lewerentz’s work that spanned most of his professional life, from 1919 to 1975. Given the duration of the project it gives us a good insight on how Lewerentz’s approach evolved over the years.

The students begun to understand in more detail the level of complexity in his work, so difficult to grasp through readings or photographs.

In Klippan we had the opportunity to visit St. Petri, consider his masterpiece. We were guided by Anders Clausson, a chemist, resident of Klippan, who fell in love with the church decades ago, and who has become an unofficial guide and point of references for all questions regarding St. Petri. He showed us every corner of the building, including the basement, he shared with us numerous anecdotes that helped us develop a better understanding of all the complexity and symbolism hidden in the design.

In the Eastern Cemetery in Malmö we were guided by Mrs. Pia Andersson and Mr.Carlsson, who provided access to all the hidden corners of all the chapels and crematorium in the cemetery.

The students were also exposed to the richness of the landscape settings which make of this cemetery an idyllic setting.