Catedra Jorge Montes UNIS 2017

Roberto Viola from iVY was invited by UNIS to conduct a charrette focusing on matters related to globalization in architecture.

The short design project focused on the idea of learning to see, on appreciating the identity of each place as a response to the overarching homogenization the global condition brings.

Students from UNIS, Universidad de San Carlos, Universidad Mariano Galvez and Universidad Catolica de El Salvador participated in the charrette where they were asked to design two dwellings for stargazing in Roccascalegna, Italy; with the caveat that it had to have its genesis in some aspect of the Domus.

The participants were divided into groups composed by members of different universities and different disciplines (architecture and interiors) and they worked very hard in each proposal.

At the end, the mini competition was won by Group 1, composed by Pablo Corado, Marcela Balcarcel, Laura Figueroa, Elda Cristina Sierra Hernandez and Jose Gustavo Perez Hernandez with a beautiful project titled "Casa Tra Le Stelle", in which two 'fighting sister houses' capture the landscape between walls and construct an illusion with reflective water elements.

The catedra could not have happened without the incredible organization and support of the graduating class of UNIS and Roberto Enrique Sosa, UNIS Professor and Director de Estudios of the school.

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