Catedra Jorge Montes UNIS 2016

The Universidad del Istmo (UNIS) in Guatemala invited Roberto Viola to participate in the Catedra Jorge Montes 2016.

A series of lectures, conversations with faculty and students were organized by an amazing group of students lead by Lourdes Monterroso.

As part of the event, a three day design charrette was organized in which a group of students from several schools in Guatemala conceptualized a design for a hypothetical Social Center for Refugees in Zurich (loosely based on a similar exercise offered at Roger Williams).  The exercise was lead by Roberto in collaboration with architect Roberto Enrique Sosa, Professor at the UNIS.

This was a chance for students from Guatemala to get exposed to other ways of approaching design in an unfamiliar and radically different environment.

A total of 5 groups participated, each with 4 to 5 members.  Each team presented a proposal at the end of the 3 day charrette and a winner scheme was selected by the participants.

At the end, the project named Ubergang design by Mildred Jeaneth Ortega, Byron Javier Cardenas, Maria Celeste Castaneda and Ana Marleny Carias took the first prize.

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