Work session at ARUP

On Monday, April 25th, the students from Comprehensive Studio from Roger Williams SAAHP, had the opportunity to discuss their projects with Patrick McCafferty, Michael Shearer, Nicholas Rekstad and John Mackenzie, some of the leading engineers from ARUP in Cambridge.

The hands-on work session is organized every semester and focuses on structural and mechanical systems and its integration in the design process.  Patrick, Michael, Nicholas and John have been active participants in these sessions helping each student refine and improve their concepts.

The introduction of these work sessions has had a significant impact in the work produced in the studio over the last few years, and have been a true privilege not only for the students but also for those of us guiding them in this challenging course.

From a pedagogical standpoint, the intention is for the student to learn to explain ideas and intentions to consultants, in a situation not dissimilar to real practice.

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